How I Got My Book to #1 on Amazon with a Zero Budget!

I Got My Book to #1 in my Category on Amazon - with NO Marketing Budget! | taught by Wendy McClelland
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Course Curriculum

Introduction - How I Got My Book to #1 on Amazon
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Understanding Social Media's Impact on Book Marketing
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Choose the Right Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Book
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Why Beta Readers and Reviewers are So Important
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Building Your List and Using Email Marketing
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How Joint Venture Partners Can Jump Start Your Book's Success
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Schedule Your Social Media Posts Leading Up to Launch
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Launch Day - Make the Most of It!
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Ongoing Promotion for Your Book and Additional Resources
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Social Media With Heart - and MORE!

Course description

Amazon offers self publishers a great opportunity to get their books out to the world. But publishing is just a small part of the process. Marketing is critical!

If you want to have real success in publishing your book you need to have a complete marketing plan and strategy.

This course gives you all the strategies I used to get my book to #1 in my category on Amazon.

At the end of this course you will:

- have an overview of social media platforms and how to choose the right one to promote your book to you "ideal audience"

- have learned social media strategies to get engagement and sales

- understand how to build your email list and then how to use your list to promote your book on an on-going basis

- know the value of joint ventures and how to build joint venture partnerships to promote your book (this is one of the most powerful promotion tools you can use!)

- understand the value of quality beta readers and reviewers, and how to find them

- how to best manage your launch day for maximum benefit

- have strategies for ongoing promotions.

Also included is a list of resources.

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Wendy McClelland
Wendy McClelland
Award Winning Entrepreneur & Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach

I began my first business when I was nineteen and since then have created a number of successful companies. In the mid 1990's I became one of the first women to launch an independent website which was chosen by the New York Times as “one of the best biz sites on the 'net".

Since then I have spoken to over 10,000 people at live events throughout western Canada and the US about using technology and social media to build brands and companies. As a past nominee for “Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year" I bring over 30 years of business experience, my innovative approach and a 'can do' attitude that inspires and motivates audience members.

I am also a Certified Guerrilla Marketing coach and author.