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How to Move Your "Ideas to Action" | taught by Wendy McClelland

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You’re smart! You’re building a successful business. But you’re frustrated and ticked off! You just can’t seem to make social media work for you. Imagine if you finally felt like you “got it”? You finally understand the best social media for your specific business, you felt excited each day as you see the engagement that’s happening through your social media efforts. Wouldn’t it be great to know that with the right strategies you can have a steady flow of new clients coming from your efforts on LinkedIn or Facebook – or whatever platform that’s right for you? That would feel pretty awesome wouldn’t it? Let me show you how to make it happen.

Wendy McClelland
Wendy McClelland
Award Winning Entrepreneur & Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach

I began my first business when I was nineteen and since then have created a number of successful companies. In the mid 1990's I became one of the first women to launch an independent website which was chosen by the New York Times as “one of the best biz sites on the 'net".

Since then I have spoken to over 10,000 people at live events throughout western Canada and the US about using technology and social media to build brands and companies. As a past nominee for “Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year" I bring over 30 years of business experience, my innovative approach and a 'can do' attitude that inspires and motivates audience members.

I am also a Certified Guerrilla Marketing coach and author.

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Social Media Coaching for Your Business!
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